Varun Rao

Varun Rao

- CEO -

Based out of Delhi, Varun has over half a decade of Consulting & Strategic Research experience with companies like Grail Research and AC Nielsen. Over the years, Varun has serviced leading MNCs from several sectors, including E-commerce, Automotive, Consumer Goods, Retail and more. His diverse experience combined with the love for sports gives him a thorough understanding of customer behaviour and potential in the Indian market.

Combined with his vast knowledge in the marketing domain, Varun flawlessly executes strategies across verticals. Backed by his team of leading experts, he is actively involved in client relations, sports facility tie-ups, back-end office management, sports ground acquisition, product ownership and business development.

Akshay Sapra

Akshay Sapra

- Head, Legal & Finance -

Having worked as Corporate Head at leading law firms, Akshay specialises in corporate and sports law, and aims to streamline the company’s legal and financial processes. With over 7 years of experience in Corporate Law & Strategy, and 4 years of expertise in project financing and M&A, Akshay has been an integral part of SportsUno’s core team.

Currently, Akshay aims to bring together sports venue owners and corporate stakeholders to help them get on-board with SportsUno. While doing all this, Akshay effortlessly manages legal and financial compliances to ensure SportsUno’s progress at rapid pace. Based out of Delhi, Akshay’s enthusiasm for sports is evident from his understanding of the Indian market and initiatives to promote sports in the country.


Amit Kaul

- CMO -

Having collaborated with Hector Beverages’ $100M+ worth brands, such as Paper Boat, Tzinga and Top Secret, Amit has experience in tapping into the collective mind of society to build marketing strategies across verticals. Working with SportsUno, Amit has leveraged his understanding of innovation in product and brand communication to develop effective marketing strategies.

Amit has been behind the scenes to build a vibrant and dynamic sports community to bring people together on a single sports platform. Prior to SportsUno, Amit also worked as a Sports Consultant with a leading sports company to design and execute highly effective marketing campaigns. Currently, he is specializing in Strategy, Marketing & Entrepreneurship while pursuing his MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business.



- COO -

With over 7 years of Sales and Strategy experience with companies like Microsoft and P&G, Akash has managed teams of more than 700 people across teams, including sales, distribution, finance, logistics, HR and customer service. During his career, Akash has launched and managed end-to-end planning and execution of multiple products from leading brands.

He has successfully utilized his experience in building and setting up business development strategies and processes for SportsUno. His current focus has been the company’s ‘customer acquisition’ phase, where his expertise and experience will play a vital role in scaling up the platform’s reach and acquire target customer base.