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SportsUno, based out of Delhi/NCR, is a platform to bring like-minded sport enthusiasts together. Book sporting grounds, venues, purchase event passes and more - all on a single platform. Connect with other players in your area to play a sport. If sport’s on your mind, we’ve got all the bases covered.Got your own venue or facility, but not the time to manage it? Don’t worry! We’ll do the job for you.SportsUno handles bookings and facility management to increase your reach as well as revenue. Our community of sporting enthusiasts is spread across the country, and keeps looking for opportunities to engage in sporting activities. Sports is no child’s play. We take it seriously.

Services We Offer

Facility Management System

A dedicated website and Vendor Management App for your sports venue or ground. Registrations,booking, real-time updates and membership packages - all in one place.

Event Registrations and Scoring

SportsUno is a platform which provide Online Registration and Online Scoring for all kind of Sports.

SportsUno Events

Checkout hundreds of sports events happening in your city. Register to play or support your team as a spectator. It’s all happening right here!

Booking Grounds

Your preferred platform to book venues, purchase event passes and register for competitions.

Community of Like-minded Sports Lovers

SportsUno is a platform specifically built for sports lovers. We’re in the process of building a community of like-minded sports enthusiasts from all walks of life.

Facility Branding Services

Sign up for our facility branding services, focused on making you revenue, even when the facility’s unoccupied.

Our Story

When you come from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds, it gets hard to find something common to keep you united, as professionals, and more importantly, as friends. ‘Sport Unites!’ This was our founding team’s ‘Eureka Moment’. No, they weren’t all running around Archimedes-style. They set up SportsUno instead.

“For over 14 years, we pursued different paths in our careers. What brought us together every few days was the special bond that we shared through sports. It’s a bond that we want to see built among all sports lovers. To achieve that goal, the focus is to bring people together, closer, to the ground. ”- Varun Rao,CEO

With extensive strategic, business management, legal and sales experience, they decided to channel energies and knowledge to build platforms that digitalizes the sporting industry and makes it easier for both the customers and the Facility owenrs to connect with each others. The goal was simple - to make it easier for like-minded sporting enthusiasts to connect.

Within a few months, our founding team has capitalized on their knowledge of how things work in the sporting industry. Right now, SportsUno is connected with all kinds of sports authorities and venue owners to bring facilities right to the players.

“Poorly Managed Facilities and lack of knowledge for the existence of such facilities are the two problems that we’re trying to solve for the sporting community. Book. Show up. Play. It’s that simple.” - Akash, COO

If there’s a venue or ground for you to use, SportsUno will find it for you. Our aim is to connect individuals with sports authorities, business owners and experts in the community.

Our Values








Facility Management System

Registrations, booking, real-time updates and membership packages - all in one place. With a dedicated online booking systems, we make sure it’s easier for you to get advance payments. Real-time updates about availability of playing slots and bookings keep you informed about the performance progress of your facility.

With our Facility Management System, easily manage registrations for tournaments and events organized in the facility. Multiple-device support lets you reach out to a larger audience base, spread throughout the city and beyond.

Our online payments system releases instant payments, and keeps your booking records organized.Generating invoices and authentication receipts couldn’t be easier. SportsUno Facility Management System - your one-stop-shop for providing access to the facility’s membership packages, and receiving bookings day and night. Register now.

  • Infinite Reach for Your Facility
    With our platform, your facility is visible to multiple people across several locations
  • Membership Packages & 24x7 Bookings
    Your one-stop-shop for providing access to membership packages and receiving bookings day and night
  • Dedicated Online Booking system
    Advance payments made easier
  • Real-time Updates About Bookings
    Get instant information about availability of playing slots and bookings
  • Generating Invoices and Authentication Receipts
    Seamlessly manage invoices, receipts, cancellations, refunds etc
  • Publishing Content
    Reach out to your audience through our published content abouts events and tournaments organized at your facility
  • Registrations for Events and Tournaments
    Easily manage registrations for events and tournaments organized at your facility
  • Receiving Instant Registration/Booking Fee
    Our online payments system releases instant payments
  • Maintaining and Accessing Registration/Booking Records
    Keep everything organized. Maintain and access records anytime
  • Track Outreach
    We keep a track of proceedings and suggest ways to improve your reach and branding in the market
  • Increase Sales
    Using insights from our platform, we simply devise ways to bring you more business

Tournaments Registration and Scoring

Cricket, Badminton, Cycling and almost every other sport in your area is just a few clicks away. Participate in the action, or be a spectator.

SportsUno acts as the technology partner for tournamnet organizers across various sporting verticals. It provides Online Registrations, Tickting, Scoring, etc. as some of the key services under this offering.
Using this platform participants/sports enthusiasts can register for an event on the SportsUno platform/mobile app and track the teams/individual performances on the event score card. Yes, you read that right!

Our platform ensure that sport enthusiasts always have a place to play their favourite sports and interact with like minded people. Simultaneously its easier for tournament organizers to manage the operational tasks of the tournament. Gone are the days where everything was done manually with a pen & paper!


Ground & Venue Booking

SportsUno is a platform to provide you with all the information about sports events and availability of grounds or venues in your city. What’s more?! Book a ground to play a sport, or purchase event passes to support your favourite team.

  • Discover New Sports Facilities
    Identify new Sport Facilities around you and across the country
  • Access to Detailed Information About Sports Facilities
    Deep-dive into the amenities, actual photographs and reviews about each ground listed on the app
  • Advance Reservations and Online Bookings
    Select the Sport Facility of your Choice with the preferred playing time.
  • Online Bookings
    Pay an advance on the SportsUno app to reserve your playing slot. On your day of play, pay the remaining amount at the Ground itself.

Facility Branding Services

Using our insights and expertise, we simply devise ways to bring you more business. Just because your facility’s not booked on a given day doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be earning revenue. Our innovative strategies and business model allows you to get more business, everyday, all the time.

With our tie-ups in the industry, and standing among major brands, we make sure your facility ranks high in the market. With our help, your facility is not just used for sporting events, but also as a tool to meet the marketing needs of the biggest brands in the industry. Get in touch with us to know how we do it.


Community of Like-minded Sports Lovers

SportsUno brings like-minded sports enthusiasts together. Our aim is to reach out to people from all walks of life, and give them a platform to adopt a sporting lifestyle. Get in touch with other players to form a team and play their favourite sport.

Additionally, reach out to coaches and mentors to get expert tips and opinions. Long story short - improve your game and get going. Be a part of India’s largest sporting community.

Also, connect with facility owners for registrations and membership packages - all this, on one app - SportsUno

  • Connect with Other Players
    Get in touch with other players to form a team and play your favourite sport
  • Connect with Coaches and Mentors Reach out to coaches and mentors to get expert tips and opinions. Improve your game!
  • Connect with Facility Owners
    Play your favourite sport or participate in a tournament. Connect with facility owners for registrations and memberships



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